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CPT is a Bangladesh based offshore outsourcing Graphic Design Firm providing image background removing or handmade clipping path, outsourcing image processing services and clipping mask services to its global clients. We are offering a high quality image Cutting Out Service and image masking service to its clients, maintaining a strict deadline at the very lowest cost possible.

We pride ourselves on having very loyal business clients from USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and many other countries. CPT was formed to provide businesses in those industries who work with image, graphics such as advertising agencies, publishing houses, marketing agencies or photographers and more. We are committed to provide image editing services and photo manipulation outsourcing solutions across a wide range of platforms at competitive prices, excellent customer support and quality of deliverable.

The office of our Outsourcing Graphic Design Firm is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a very cheap labour cost region. A team of highly experienced graphic artists works round the clock to provide image masking and hand-made background removal, multiple paths, color correction, Photo Retouching, raster to vector conversion and other image manipulation services using Adobe Photoshop. We work with a commitment to provide a quality image masking service to our international clients and aim of forging long-term relationship with our clients. We accept image file formats like JPG/JPEG, tiff, EPS, PSD, PNG, raw and more.

Clipping Path Todays - Providing Clipping Path, Photoshop Masking, Drop Shadow, Retouching, Color Correction, Background Remove, Image Manipulation and other Photoshop Services...

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Clipping Path Todays, a well acclaimed company successfully delivering unmatched quality service in Graphics from last couple of years. We are among the most renowned & trusted names in the Photoshop clipping path, Multiple clipping path, Background remove service, Image cut out, Clipping path with shadow, Drop Shadow, Reflection Shadow, Rester to Vector, Photoshop image masking, Photo retouching, Jewelry retouch, Color Correction & any others Photoshop image editing services in the World.

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  • Clipping Path Service

    A clipping path is the way for cutting out an image’s object or product from its background. By using the Photoshop pen tool it can be applied and anything outside the path will be removed from the output. From years clipping path is the most effective way in terms of quality. And no such alternative of clipping path has yet been introduced. So the use of clipping path has increased radically.

  • Photoshop Multipath Service

    Photoshop Multipath or multiple clipping path also named as clear path is widely used as add on service of clipping path. It helps to modify the color of a certain object of an image and add extra color effect on the photo. If you need to separate the specific parts of the image and change the color of distinctive components, you can choose this color path technique. The graphics design, photography, printing and advertising industries are mainly involved with this technology.

  • Image Masking Service

    Complex images have numerous outlines with numerous turns and curves. Due to the complexity in outline of these images applying the clipping path for image background removal becomes very difficult. Clipping Path is vector path and hand drawn using pen tool while image masking involves isolating pixels that enables more detail to be preserved such as hair or fur. Adobe Photoshop has various image masking and image editing tools allow for masking such images with precision.

  • Bacground Remover Service

    Background Removal alternately Clipping Mask a very simple process of clipping the original background of a photo with the intention of inserting a new background. After drawing with this tool, the object created in the path remains intact while those appear outside the path gets erased giving you fine edges of your photo image. Thus, it is primarily a crisp vector masking technique used to keep the image background out of sight by giving a well-matched background color or by making the vector path portions transparent using pen tool.

  • Color Correction Service
    Clipping Path Todays (CPT) has a team of highly skilled graphic artists who guarantees high quality handmade Color improvement Services to all their global clients and have achieved 100% client satisfaction till date. If you have the need of changing individual components of your image with respect to color or perform multiple filling or change the opacity of your image, you will need us

  • Drop Shadow Service

    Drop shadow service is a Photoshop tool, that whilst applied to an picture might give it a whole novel look. Even although the procedure proves to be easy to understand, one cannot attain the suitable result without acquire full understanding of the software, its feature and the tool. A professional could easily achieve the drop shadow service. An picture editing technique helps to make an illusion of light as well as dark in programming..

  • Reflection Shadow Service

    Shadow Creation is one kind of positive dimension for an image as it make an image gorgeous more. Shadowing of an picture gives it additional depth plus beauty. Clipping Path Todays has a expert experience of years in picture editing field. Besides all of our accomplished artists are specialist in shadow making service similar to: Natural shadow / Product Shadow, Drop shadow, Mirror Effect / Reflection Shadow Service using their wonderful formula. We can promise you to the most excellent support of creating the ordinary quality for shadow making service.

  • Photo Retouching Service

    Photo Retouching is an excellent technique that helps you to finally touch specific undesirable factor into your image. You can easily adjust any object or element and even a human figure or all forms of surplus elements neatly using the Photoshop pen tool with Clipping Path service as the term clearly dictates its function. Over all progress has done, but Photo Retouching is the final step to enhancing the image or image frame greater than normal one.

  • Jewelry Rertouching Service

    Winning photos of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are unthinkable today without jewelry retouching service. When you deal with jewelry (especially with the gems), the professional retouching is crucial for the high sales in our era of online stores with photo catalogs. Our jewelry photo editing services focus not only on high-end segment of major manufacturers or re-sellers, demanding the highest attention to details for their catalogs, constant and ultimate quality, but also on beginning designers, enhancing their non-professional photos.

  • Image Manipulation Service
    Image Manipulation is one of the Photoshop methods to editing a picture in arrange to generate fantasy or trickery into photographs. Image manipulation could be complete from first to last digital and analog technique. Image manipulation assists to improve and pick up the excellence of a normal image to an astonishing image. Apply of artistic impact and a moral distress has finished image manipulation as a motivating function quite than the methodological process and the talents concerned. Image manipulation is a drawing where productivity photo develops the unique picture. One can apply this to remove the terrible composing fundamentals, attach more concentration, and insert color into a black & white picture. Image manipulation is able to be utilized to make endorsement chances for your businesses.

  • Rester to Vector Service

    Raster to Vector (R2V) is an uncommunicative process in Photoshop and CAD design programs to physically restore into vectors from the raster or bitmap image. It can save the time to convert any formats of photo considering with its quality. Basically, Raster to Vector or Vector Mask converts your photo into vector lines, wire-frames, curves and geometrical points so that your photo will can stretch, twist and tweak for illustration and rendering 3D design.

  • Neck Joint Service

    Neck Joint Service is generally known as ghost or invisible mannequin service. It is an important term for this digital era. As technology is increasing day to day life, its uses and users also increasing. In this way the world is moving fast which we all believe such kind of topics. However, Neck Joint Service is a service to provide the people amazing, cheerful and charming motivation for any kind of digital marketplace or online marketing. When we go to a market then we see that a doll which is covered by meaningful dress such as men. But in Online market for this digital era we need to collect such kind of meaningful matching of dress which is comparable to human being.