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image masking service

Photoshop Image Masking Service:

What is Image Masking?
Complex images have numerous outlines with numerous turns and curves. Due to the complexity in outline of these images applying the clipping path for image background removal becomes very difficult. Clipping Path is vector path and hand drawn using pen tool while image masking involves isolating pixels that enables more detail to be preserved such as hair or fur. Adobe Photoshop has various image masking and image editing tools allow for masking such images with precision. The experienced design professionals of Clipping Path Todays (CPT) work effectively in a team to create a handmade image masking with perfect accuracy to satisfy clients from all around the globe.

Image masking service of Clipping Path Todays (CPT) used to isolate areas effectively to perform color correction offer flat rate pricing for all forms of complexity, creates masks for color correction and effectively remove flyaway hairs and blemishes, and smooth-en flesh tones and spotting.

Clipping Path Todays (CPT) is specialized in hair masking technique that involves separating the image with furry or flyaway hairs from the background in a photograph with spiky or undefined edges. This method is long and time consuming process and solely depends on image complexity. The highly trained staffs of Clipping Path Todays (CPT) effective apply image masking services to complex images especially product images to be placed in different backgrounds perfectly.

Channel masking – We are providing photo masking, transparency mask service, layer masking, translucent mode masking, and Alpha channel masking at quick turnaround. Alpha channels masking is a raster masking, mainly in Adobe Photoshop that necessitates Photoshop masking masking techniques with RGB, CMYK, and other different custom channels. Channel alpha masking has been the best-known way of accomplishing clipping masks path for sophisticated photos. It is an ultimately effective and swift method for selecting an object with a reasonable color contrast to the surrounding pixels is creating a masking and loading the mask as a selection.

Photo Masking Techniques Used at Clipping Path Todays:
Our team of image masking professionals are using Adobe Photoshop CS6 for provision of photo masking services. Our team is skilled at different techniques such as:

  •  Alpha channel masking
  • Photoshop transparent masks
  • Translucent photo masking
  • Advanced or complex layer masking (Fur and Hair)
  • Collage masking