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Our Payment Gateway

You don’t need to go to bank for your payment as because Clipping Path Todays (CPT) allows you to pay through online Payment Gateway. So you are completely free from hassle! We allows PayPal, Skrill (formerly Money Booker), Payza (former Alert Pay) etc for your online payments.
If you wish to send the payment via a bank wire transfer through corporations like Western Union or MoneyGram, it’s fine with us. When you send payments from both the UK and USA we also facilitate bank transfers.

Consult with our Billing Department at:
Email : bill@clippingpathtodays.com

Pay us fast and simply via PayPal. Please click the button below to initiate the GEI Payment Gateway page. You’ll additionally send payments on to our Official PayPal ID:
Email : info@clippingpathtodays.com